Easy There Tiger is an instrumental funk rock band from Portland, OR.


With a deep background in rock n' roll, the trio - Jake Soffer on guitar, Cody Powers on bass, and Mason Martel on drums - evokes a classic hard rock sound with a fresh taste of funk, jazz, and post-rock elements. ETT's debut EP Tigerstyle features five tracks of tight funk rhythms smashed against chugging 70's rock riffs, establishing the group's electrifying introduction into the music world. 


Soffer met Martel in a sound design class at the University of Oregon in 2015. The two immediately bonded over similar music tastes and formed the Eugene-based funk rock 6-piece Chimes Freddy, Soffer and Martel rotating on bass, guitar and drums. After moving to Portland in 2016, Soffer met Powers through a Craigslist ad and they began writing ETT's early material. The guitarist and bassist auditioned drummers from Portland's underground music scene for months, but with little luck. Roughly a year after forming ETT, Soffer invited Martel to sit in at a rehearsal, and he never left.


Since the trio's fruition, ETT has maintained a packed schedule of shows in the Pacific Northwest. An entirely instrumental band, the three musicians incorporate soul, funk, rock, and psychedelic styles to form a unique, non-lyrical musical voice.


"Easy There Tiger is really fun. They kept me engaged through their entire set at the American Legion. They are (an) instrumental 3-piece that doesn’t need vocals to be entertaining. Go see them!" - Rocquet Tree

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